Twitter-Linkedin marketing for massive growth

Twitter is a social and microblogging platform where 67% of people are more likely to buy from brands they follow and interact. It is one of the best platforms for listening and collecting data on trending topics in your niche.

Linkedin, on the other hand, is a go-to platform for all B2B brands. Sadly most business owners still regard this platform as an area for job seekers. Note that most Fortune 500 brands and CEOs are active on this platform, so why are you not?

Our Custom Twitter-Linkedin Marketing Services include


General audit of your current Twitter- Linkedin marketing strategy.


Key metrics, listening and data collection for your niche


Managing your accounts, targeting the right people and growing your audience


Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website for leads and sales.


Setting up a content strategy for your Twitter-Linkedin accounts (company profile too)


Connecting and engaging with existing customers


Setting up targeted Ads ( when needed)


Joining related groups for Linkedin outreach.

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Twitter-Linkedin Marketing Services

Are you using the right Twitter-Linkedin Marketing Tactics?

Here is what you will benefit from our Twitter-Linkedin Marketing services

Up To Date Content Strategy

We will listen, analyze and update your content strategy to increase engagement and conversion.

Increase In Brand Awareness

We will target users and grow your following accordingly.

More Traffic & Leads

Strategic outreach on both Twitter and Linkedin that would subsequently drive traffic back to your website.

Time & Freedom

You will do the hard work and save you from “the rat race”

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