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Email Marketing & Sales Funnels

How do you know where to focus your email marketing & sales funnels efforts in your business OR Craft a conversion funnel that lowers the cost of acquisition, while simultaneously increasing immediate and lifetime customer value…?

Our Email Marketing & Sales Funnels Services include


Overall audit of your current email marketing & sales funnels strategy.


Craft and structure a healthy relationship with your audience.


Monitoring, build and optimize all five stages of a conversion funnel.


Build strong email marketing campaigns triggered by specific actions.


Analyze and determine your product market fit.


Build a strategy on how you will monetize each new lead.


Optimize your lead magnets and trip wires.


Benchmark your email marketing performance.


Architect a return path so that your customers become your brand ambassadors.

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 Email Marketing & Sales Funnels

“What types of emails are needed to move a customer through each stage of the lifecycle?”

Advantages of Our Email Marketing & Sales Funnels Service

Determine Your Market

In other words, do they want what you’re offering? Just because the market wants what you’re offering does not mean they will buy from you…we will assist you through this stage.

Optimise Your Trips Wires & Lead Magnets

We will assist you to create lead magnets that answer specific questions, solve specific problems and deliver specific solutions.

Campaign Optimisation

Craft and build your email marketing & sales funnels while optimizing your opens, clicks and conversion rates.

Benchmark & Optimise Your Results

Benchmark and optimize your results while retargeting to win back lost customers (through automation)

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