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The good news is, you’re in the right place. Online Marketing starts with social media. My goal is to create a high ROI for your entire customer journey. Starting from the attraction phase to the engagement, sales and finally to the upsell and retention.

However, consistent growth requires more than a winning campaign and an optimized website. Digging deep to understand your market, buyers and the psychology of why they buy can create winning strategies based on excellent data. Here’s how you can work with me.

One On One Consultation

We’ll have a 60 minutes call each week. Discuss your projects & walk you through whatever hurdles you face.

Consulting With Your Team

This is similar to a one on one consultation. However, this includes your team. Maybe you have a marketing team or VAs who need our online marketing services to optimize your campaigns?

Done For You Online Marketing Services

In addition to getting access to my brain & expertise, I’ll also implement the work for you. Everything for you.

 How Can I Serve You?

Marketing Funnels & Automation

Create and launch a personalized funnel that brings in leads and sales on autopilot.

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Linkedin Marketing Services

Get a consistent flow of high quality leads from Linkedin without paid Ads.

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One on One Consultation

Behind the scenes where I’ll hold your hands + walk you through your entire marketing processes and answer your burning questions.

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Videos & Social Media Graphics

Are you struggling to create engaging content every month? Get done for you branded social media graphics and videos delivered to you each month.

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Digital Marketing Services

Step by step strategies on how to plan and execute a winning digital marketing plan.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing done right! This is not your regular motivational quotes to entertain your audience. Note, every social media strategy SHOULD align with your overall marketing goals.

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My Research-Based Digital Marketing Strategy

How Can You Get Started?

Book A Call

Are you still struggling to build a successful business online with ALL the social media “madness” and a gazillion tools to patch together? Let’s talk. When are you free?

Select Your Needs

First things first. Analyse your problem. Find common grounds on how best I can help you.

Welcome On Board!

Select your plan and get started, welcome! You’ll receive an email from me inviting you to our project management platform + a request for further information from you.


How long will I start seeing results?

There is no straight answer to this question. Each client and business is unique. If you already have your systems and funnels all set up and need that extra boost from me, then you’ll get quicker results. However, it is not the same If I have to research, plan, build and launch a new funnel, social media marketing campaign or Linkedin lead generation for you.

How do you carry out Linkedin outreach without paid Ads?

Linkedin is primarily a relationship based platform. That is what I’ll do for you. Build your brand and grow your relationship with your target audience. Reach out to them and create a consistent flow of qualified leads.

Do you offer webinar setup and Facebook Ads in your Digital Marketing Services?

Yes, I do. It is part of what I offer as part of my marketing funnel and automation. If I research I discover that you need a funnel that requires a webinar, I’ll create and launch one for you + Facebook Ads

We don't live in the same country, How can you help me?

Gone are the days when business owners wanted to hire marketers who are in their area. With the new digital era, everything can be done online. All I need is WIFI and a laptop. 95% of my current and past clients are not in my country of residence. I can research and find out all the information I need to know about you or your business from the comfort of my office…well not all because of I can’t find out how many cups of coffee you drink a day:)

I am afraid I cannot afford your services.

Remember cost is relative. It is only expensive if you don’t see the VALUE in it…but what if it is an investment you are making in your business that would yield 10x?

After you’ve started working with me and implementing my Research-Based Digital Marketing strategies and its working, the price won’t seem so bad after all.

“If you trust me long enough to look for how this might be true, then you will see why and how it is true,” Grant Cardon

Do you offer discounts on your services?

Yes, I offer discounts to clients who are committed and serious about growing their business. All of my clients who pay quarterly (every three months get a 15% discount on their pricing)

Do You Want To Steal My Proven Linkedin Marketing Strategies?

Or are you scratching your head in search of winning strategies to get your ideal clients from Linkedin? I’m going to share with you steps to follow to land your dream clients PLUS a bonus framework to optimize your profile & leave your competition in the Dust!

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