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Take A Risk + Keep Testing, Because What Works Today May Not Work Tomorrow, But What Worked Yesterday May Work Again.

To entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals like doctors, lawyers, who need a digital marketing strategy that generates qualified leads and sales, I am a digital marketing consultant that’ll offer you my unique Researched Based Digital Marketing Strategy + Linkedin outreach campaigns.

Curious to know how I can achieve that for you?


What used to Work and What’s working now? How do you know they’ll find you when they are ready to buy? Or do you know what they are searching for or talking about right now online?


Create and execute a marketing strategy based on my findings of where they are, what they are talking about and what they need.


Did I achieve your goals both short and long termed? I’ll A/B test to get a clearer picture…aka go with what’s working. My goal is to lower your cost of getting clients while increasing their lifetime value.

To re-introduce me

My name is Apolline Adiju. I am a certified Digital Marketing Consultant based in Sweden.

I have helped (and helping) countless business owners like you worldwide to grow and strengthen their businesses’ online presence. Be it by increasing their brand awareness on social media, designing + executing digital marketing strategies or sales funnels, conducting Linkedin outreach campaigns that bring in leads and sales WITHOUT Advertisement.

So, if you want to bypass having to Study it All, set up Google alerts and read thousands of blog posts, watch millions of Youtube videos or pay some “guru” thousands to get you “some results”; Book A Free call with me and let’s assess if we are a good fit.

My Research-Based Digital Marketing Strategy

Happy Clients

Apolline is amazing to work with. She is patient, thorough and knows her stuff! She has a lot of knowledge about the different tools that you can use to accelerate your business. As a consultant and national speaker, I like to have convenient tools that I can use, that don’t require a lot of technical backgrounds. And this is exactly what Apolline helped me with. She even took the time to show me how to use different social media and business marketing kits, which have been quite helpful to my business and online presence.

Thank you, Apolline for being so amazing to work with this year! I look forward to future sessions!

Jasmine S. Dennis-

Millennial Expert

“It is rare that you come across a competent professional like Apolline and she goes the extra mile to make sure I fully comprehend the work and materials. Apolline helped me learn; email marketing strategies, how to set up and execute my funnel, and a bunch of tools to help me build my business (that I did not even know existed!). Apolline helped me navigate the world of digital marketing, landing pages, squeeze pages and FB ads.

 She always has the interest to take on new ways to break through barriers, and you can rely on her to get you to an “aha” moment by looking at problems in a different way. It was a pleasure to working with her. She is very thorough and keeps the user end goal in mind when setting up systems. I highly recommend her.”

Peter Broström – C-Suite Business Consultant , Costrad

Is This You?

There are a few reasons why you are on this page. You stumbled on my brand either from social media or through a search query from the search engines…or maybe you know me personally?

You want to know if you can trust me ENOUGH to work with me or you want to be sure if we are a good fit?

OMG! She lives in Sweden! My dear friend even if I live on the moon, I can still perform + produce results like your next door digital marketing consultant. All I need is WIFI.

Maybe procrastination is your best friend and you prefer dreaming about doing things than actually doing them and making progress? OR you don’t trust me enough & don’t know who I am or if I can deliver on my promises? This is legit. I wouldn’t trust me without knowing me either.

My Mission

I am out to help business owners and professionals. I am ready to assist you to grow and expand your brand online, get leads and sales without burning out or feeling lost in the overwhelming world of social media and the ever-increasing tips, strategies and tools.

You are not sure about the cost and if you can pay for it? Remember cost is relative. It is only expensive if you don’t see the VALUE in it…but what if it is an investment you are making in your business that would yield 10x?

After you’ve started working with me and implementing my Research-Based Digital Marketing strategies and its working, the price won’t seem so bad after all.
“If you trust me long enough to look for how this might be true, then you will see why and how it is true,” Grant Cardon

My goal is to help you Overcome the Objections in Your Head About Whether or Not to work with me…Let’s get started with a free 1 on 1 Consultation

Are you ready to build a successful business online Predictably and Profitably that crushes the competition?

Do You Want To Steal My Proven Linkedin Marketing Strategies?

Or are you scratching your head in search of winning strategies to get your ideal clients from Linkedin? I’m going to share with you steps to follow to land your dream clients PLUS a bonus framework to optimize your profile & leave your competition in the Dust!

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